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World history homework help

Directions: Answer all parts. Be sure to write complete sentences, double space, set one-inch margins, and use Times Roman 12-point font.  For the questions on Part 2, aim for one-and-a half pages for each

Very important: Be sure to submit your own work.  In particular, do not plagiarize, which is ridiculously easy for an experienced grader to spot. If you wish to use the textbook and/or lectures as sources, be sure to indicate where you found the information, either in parenthesis or in footnotes.

Part 3: Answer two of the following questions. Aim for one-and-a half to two pages for each question (about 4-6 paragraphs, depending on the question)

A. Explain your impression of how people lived and thought in European pre-industrial society and provide three major differences between life then and now (excluding marriage and family life). Also, identify three major forces of change in Europe between approximately 1350 and 1650 and discuss their impact on life and thought.

B.  Discuss Galileo Galilei’s contributions to the Scientific Revolution and explain the reasons for his difficulties with the Catholic Church. Which of his views did the Church find heretical? Why? What were the consequences that Galileo suffered because of his problems with the Church (that is, what happened to him after his trial)? What implications did the Scientific Revolution’s discoveries, especially Galileo’s and Sir Isaac Newton’s, have for the relationship between science and religion?

C.  Discuss the reasons for, and the major results of, the conflict between the Stuart kings (notably James I, Charles I, and James II) and Parliament, and explain why England/Great Britain became socially, economically, and politically the most dynamic nation in Europe by the early 18th century, even before experiencing the Industrial Revolution.


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