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“Impressive Writing” Please respond to the following:
Share an example of a strategic, professionally written, strategic communication piece   
-Identify the key message.
-Detail how the organization and composition of the communication contribute to its effectiveness (4-8 sentences recommended).
Note:  Remove any personal identifying information and language from the  communication prior to sharing, or if it is from the Internet, provide a  link to the source.
Also, class, please answer any ONE of the following, with personal experience added too:

  1. Organizations  should strive to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible so  that their managers aren’t put in the position of “dancing to someone  else tune.”
  2. The  success or failure of a start-up is largely determined by the smarts  and management ability of the entrepreneur and effective communications.
  3. Managers  should quickly copy or borrow techniques being used by other successful  companies to make their own organization more effective and to keep  pace with changing time
  4. Explain how YOU overcome personal barriers to communications



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