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Using Job Analysis and Competency Modeling. Now respond to this scenario.

Read Chapter 5: Using Job Analysis and Competency Modeling. Now respond to this scenario. You are a human resource job analysis specialist who has been assigned to conduct a job analysis for Walgreens pharmacy technicians. These jobs have recently been modified due to more extensive use of an automated system that encompasses all aspects of order fulfillment, inventory management, and record keeping.How would you proceed? Include answers to these questions:1. Identify sources that could be used to gather information for a job analysis of the pharmacy technician job. Which would be the most credible sources and why?2. Which of the three primary methods of data collection would be best? Explain your answer.In addition, respond to the following:3. Critics of job analysis and standardized job descriptions express concerns about the inflexibility of standardized jobs. Register your opinion on the appropriateness of the traditional human resource management practice of conducting job analysis and writing standardized job descriptions.


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