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The conventional doctrine is endorsed by: (Points : 1)Rachels. the American Medical Associatio

The conventional doctrine is endorsed by: (Points : 1)Rachels.
the American Medical Association.
both a and b.
neither a nor here for more information on this paper 
Question 2.2. What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse? (Points : 1)Moral relativism
Social Contract Theory
Question 3.3. In the video “Drones Are Not Ethical and Effective,” Jeremy Waldron argues that drones are not ethical because their use involves (Points : 1)total transparency and accountability
the assurance that only combatants will be targeted
the maintenance of a secret death list by government authorities
all of the above
Question 4.4. What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body? (Points : 1)Women, more than anyone, just want to know that the soul of their child has gone to heaven
Women know the preciousness of the body because they create them and care for them
Women are happy not to have to deal with the messiness of dead bodies
Men tend to be more sensitive to the death of the body since they are the ones that have to risk their own lives in war
Question 5.5. If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism (Points : 1)Leads to inaction.
Leads to crude opinions.
Leads to immorality.
Rejects all here for more information on this paper 
Question 6.6. In what way would Hill’s notion of “self-acceptance” correspond to Aristotle’s conception of eudaimonia? (Points : 1)They both are inherently selfish and contrary to virtue.
They both require the virtues of arrogance and pride.
Neither has anything to do with ethics.
They both involve acknowledging that we are the sorts of creatures we are.
Question 7.7. In The Emperor’s Club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?  (Points : 1)He hugged him and thanked him for being honest.
He threatened to turn him in and have him punished.
He challenged him to regard virtue and character as more important than success alone.
He reminded him that it is against school policy to cheat, and thus that he erred by breaking the school’s rules.
Question 8.8. Which of the following does Tom Regan say about the utilitarian approach to animal ethics? (Points : 1)It is inadequate because it does not give value to individuals but only to their feelings
It is perfect because it does not allow for discrimination based upon morally irrelevant attributes like race or species
It is wrong because it treats human suffering as more important than animal suffering
It ignores everything that does not have enough ‘utility’ and therefore does not take into account important things that it does not consider ‘useful’
Question 9.9. A false promise, according to Kant, is: (Points : 1)something that I could never will to be universal law.
something that I could will to be universal law only when it benefits the majority.
something that I could will to be universal law only when it benefits me.
something that I could will to be universal law only when it prevents a greater wrong.
Question 10.10. What does Tom Regan say about the cruelty/kindness approach to animal ethics? (Points : 1)The best way to explain animal ethics is in terms of our obligation to be kind and not cruel to animals
It is inadequate because it is possible to do wrong while being kind, and it is possible to do wrong without being deliberately cruel
It has no relevance to animal ethics because animals are cruel to each other
You have to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure
Question 11.11. Kant explains that respect for a person is: (Points : 1)the recognition of the worth of the person’s potential contribution to society.
dependent upon whether the person respects others.
both A and B
none of the above.
Question 12.12. In the video, “Drones Are Ethical and Effective,” Kenneth Anderson argues that the use of drones is ethical because (Points : 1)


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