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The clinical guidelines should include the problem statement, EBP question,

Question Description

The clinical guidelines should include the problem statement, EBP question, literature review, research synthesis, the clinical protocol, and the implementation plan. Identify specific, realistic patient outcomes that will be used for evaluating the clinical guidelines.

I only need the Literature review and research synthesis of the attached articles . Strict APA format.

Implementation plan and timeline is posted below.

Measuring patient outcomes – patient satisfaction surveys.Compare patient satisfaction rates & percentages before clinical implementation of career ladder and after implementation of career ladder.

Incident reports measure the rate and percentages of incident reports related to patient care before and after clinical ladder (expert nurses will lead to fewer clinical errors).

Staffing and retention of nurses – measure staffing and retention rates before after implementation of career ladder (adequate staffing leads to patient safety and satisfaction of care).


Over a one-year period the career ladder will be implemented in the following phases

  • Present to hospital leadership the implementation plan and time line by presenting benefits of improved patient satisfaction, improved staffing and retention, reduced clinical incident reports.These will all impact the bottom line in a positive fashion
  • Obtain leadership approval for plan both budgetary and implementation.
  • Present implementation plan to Nursing department leaders
  • Introduce new career ladder program to nurses with criteria for applying for clinical ladder promotion.
  • Plan live presentations, webinars, go to meetings to all nursing staff with time line for applying.
  • The time line is the first quarter – steps 1-3.
  • The second quarter is steps 4, and 5.
  • The third quarter is setting up the portal for RN’s to obtain forms and instructions for completing their project and submitting their credentials (proof of nursing certification).
  • Deadline for submission of projects and proof of nursing certification is 2 months prior to end of year when raises and promotions are announced.
  • Announcements of clinical promotions in time with annual raises (the final step in the 12 month implementation plan).


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