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“Strategic Planning Document” for a H

Term Paper Topic: Your term paper is a “Strategic Planning Document” for a HIM system model that you will research and design for a specific medical facility or hospital department of your choice, such as a clinic, free-standing radiology center, laboratory, or a hospital department, such as inpatient surgery, radiology, laboratory, or nursing services.
Review the required template document (in Doc Sharing) that you are to use as a guide for your term paper. There are three sections, and twelve steps which should be used as a guide for your paper. You will be writing a mock strategic plan, so enjoy it and have fun with it. Through your research, you will gain knowledge of both the concepts of HIMs and the steps that executive management teams go through when implementing a new HIMS.
Also, review the tutorial in the Week 1 lecture, which discusses health system structure and HIM system components, then choose a facility or department for which you would be most interested in researching, designing, and planning a HIM system. You may research medical computer companies for system attributes that best meet the needs of your department or organization.
Your work will be graded as follows:
Quality of content: 70% of points
Organization and cohesiveness of work: 20% of points
Proper APA citation, grammar, spelling: 10% of points
Note: Point deductions beyond this rubric can be made for work that does not meet the minimum word count and/or if uncited material is present.
You will be submitting an outline in Week 3. The term paper ) must be 1,500 to 2,500 words in length, not including the cover page and reference page. It should contain all of the components as defined in the template.Document Preview: 

Course Project:
For the course project, you will be writing an HIM Strategic Plan. A strategic plan is an organization’s written plan or strategy for implementing a health information system. This strategic plan could be for the entire health facility or it could be specific to a department.
As mentioned above the course project is a mock HIM strategic plan, so you can pick a facility (real or fictitious) that you would like to use as a basis for creating your “strategic plan”. It’s an exercise that is meant to be a fun way to learn how to apply the concepts you are learning in this class to the real world. You can think about it like this:
Imagine you are employed at XYZ Medical Facility. Top management has asked you to help them by creating a Health Information Management strategic plan for XYZ Medical Facility. Now, this is where your creativity comes in! What type of medical facility or department are you interested in focusing on or learning more about? That facility will be the basis of your plan…it’s up to you and what interests you the most. You can choose to create a HIM strategic plan for an entire facility/health system (the overall process) or for one department (a very specific focus). Some ideas and examples of facilities/departments that can be used for your mock HIM strategic plan are below:
Mental Health Facility
Clinic Practice Management System (PMS)
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
Biomedical equipment management
Dermatology Office Practice Management System (PMS)
Hospital Radiology Department
Mammography Center
Home health agency computer system
Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
Emergency Department
Cardiology Department
Physical Therapy Department
Hospital Inpatient Surgery Department
Endocrinology Practice Management System (PMS)
Pediatric Emergency Department
Women’s Medical Center HIS


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