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Religious Studies homework help

Religious Studies homework help. Question 4 (1 point)Choose all of the following characteristics that apply to fatsQuestion 4 options:1)tend to aggregate in water2)can form a barrier separating aqueous compartments3)include insulin4)has polymer structure5)can be amphipathicQuestion 5 (1 point)Choose all of the following that are characteristics of carbohydratesQuestion 5 options:1)are expected to aggregate in water2)polymer is glycogen3)subunits are nucleotides4)formed in muscle cells in response to glucagon5)broken down in liver cells stimulated by glucagonQuestion 6 (1 point)Choose all of the following that are characteristics of nucleic acidsQuestion 6 options:1)are polymers of nucleotides2)form stable interactions between identical molecules3)can determine the order of amino acids of a protein4)are composed of sugar subunitsQuestion 7 (1 point)Choose all of the following that are characteristics of a proteinQuestion 7 options:1)is a polymer of amino acids2)functions only as a properly folded structure3)order of amino acids determines folded form of structure4)bind ligand mainly by covalent bonds

Religious Studies homework help


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