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his assignment is due on Tuesday July 31st at 6am CST. SECTION A Write 300 word document minimum, that respond to the questions listed below. It is important to address both points clearly using APA format. In text citation is highly require for this assignment and the similarity scores cannot be more than 15%. Is it feasible to combat the three chronic diseases together? If you were able to make changes to the U.S. health care system regarding prevention of these diseases, what would you change?SECTION BWrite 700 word document responding to the questions below , all in APA format. Include an abstract, running head, paper number in text citation, and a reference list in APA format at the end . The similarity scores cannot be more than 15%write 700 word document discussing the following , two of the following 3 part below must be address with adequate depth. The use of media in health behavior change.Choose one of the following to discuss: Internet, TV, movies, advertising.What do you think works? What does not?


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