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Psychology is a field that requires?curiosity. We wonder about humans and their thoughts

Psychology is a field that requires?curiosity. We wonder about humans and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and then try to figure out what’s going on. In this 4-part “I’ve Always Wondered” Project, you get to (eventually) answer one of those questions you’ve always had about humans.
For this assignment, you will:
PART 1) Ask 2 questions + reference relevant sections of your textbook
FIRST: Be curious and?ask two college-level questions about human behavior and/or mental processes.?Make sure these questions are focused on topics you are interested in, as you will be working with one of these questions for the rest of the quarter.
College-level questions ARE open-ended, debatable, and require critical thinking. They are NOT definitional (ex. What is a neuron?) or closed-ended (can be answered with a single word or phrase,?or with a YES or NO answer: ex. Does yoga relieve stress?). Please make sure to?consider this as you choose how to word your questions.
Having trouble coming up with research questions? Feeling new to the field of psychology and are not sure where to start? Skim through your textbook for topics that interest you, and check out the following websites?for some topics to base your research question on: to an external site.)Links to an external site. to an external site.)Links to an external site.
THEN:?For each research question, locate information in your textbook that could help you answer your question. For help, refer to the subject index at the back of the book. Some topics will be easier to find than others, so if you’re having trouble with this, feel free to email me.
For each research question you have posed, list which?pages in your textbook will help you answer your research question AND provide 3-4 sentences explaining why this section of the textbook is relevant to your question (i.e. demonstrate that you have actually read this section by highlighting some specific details from the textbook).??
Your post should look like this:
Research Question # 1:?
Textbook pages and relevance to question:
Research Question #2:
Textbook pages and relevance to question:
PART 2) After posing your questions, you will: Read your peers’ questions and reply to at least 1 person who does not yet have a reply. Please start your post with the person’s name. In your reply,?you must either 1) try to improve the wording of at least one of their research questions or 2) provide an additional section from the textbook that might be helpful and explain why. Attempts to improve the question might be editing to be open-ended, narrowing the topic, helping to be more critical, etc.?You can also “like” other people’s questions if you want to!
Some example questions:
1) How do babies learn language?
2) Why can some people use drugs without any addiction issues while other people become dependent upon those substances?
3) Why do we dream?
4) How do we become prejudiced, and how can we reduce prejudice?

text book:?

Myers,D. G.,& DeWall,C.N. (2016).Exploring psychology in modules (10th Edition). New York, NY:Worth Publishers.


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