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plan for a public health

In this assignment, you will submit a research plan for a public health department to respond to a possible crisis and recommend a public health response to this potential crisis.I need a 6 page report. APA writing style references, citing.(Great English and scholar writing) Writer needs to address all of the assignment criteria in Parts 1 and Part 2. References from the CDC website must be included. A minimum of (3) references is requiredDocument Preview: 

Centervale, USA is comprised of three townships: Simon Township (ST), Diamond Township (DT), and Taylor Township (TT). ST has 75,000 residents; DT has 20,000 residents, and TT has 95,000 residents. All of the Townships are in the same county, Independence County, which has a total population of 650,000 people.
There are two children’s daycare centers, six elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and a community college in Centervale. Half of the city’s college student population attends college out of town.
Hospital System
The hospital system in Centervale has two hospitals located on the east and west sides of the town. Each hospital receives water supply from a separate source. Hospital-East receives water from Metropolis, a community of over one million people that has been supplying water to local cities for almost 100 years. Hospital-West receives water from the city of Centervale’s filtrated water supply.
Landfill Facility
Centervale’s landfill facility has accepted, with the town’s approval, contaminated soil from the Middle Earth Energy Corporation. The landfill is located above ground and the operators plan on selling the soil to small farms in the county. The soil is known to be contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and lead that exceed the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the past, the EPA has discovered several leaks in the landfill’s liner.
The landfill is located above the town’s main aquifer, which supplies well water to 10,000 residents who live in either Simon or Diamond Townships. In Taylor Township, 750 residents use…




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