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Operations Management homework help

This is a group project effort but my assignment only takes up two parts.
Operations Plan (external link for additional help)- Ailina H

Management Team and Company Structure (external link for additional help)-Ailina H.

Instructions for this assignment:
This is a group assignment; only one member of the group should submit the assignment before the deadline. For the purposes of this class, the Business Plan should cover the major areas as outlined in Chapter 6 of Barringer’s textbook. The Business Plan (BP) Draft should be no shorter than 10 pages.
This is the first draft of your group’s Business Plan. For the draft, it is understood that not all areas will be explored as fully as in the Final BP, however all areas should be touched upon. Also, as I will provide feedback on the Draft, the more content you have, the better guidance you will have for the Final BP.

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