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Stakeholders are the ones that play large roles in the organization’s performance and operations that affect the actions that take place within the organization. Stakeholders are vested entities that influence decisions and implement policies that use current evidence-based practice. Internal stakeholders can facilitate the implementation of a proposed change of practice. Multidisciplinary teams within medical units also play a role in the units’ infrastructure that care for patients, influencing changes in practice. If there is a need for a shift in culture and practice, the multidisciplinary team is the first step to create the change. Management is the next step in supporting a change in care practice, and buy-in from them can help further efforts to make a change. Leaders can also facilitate training and ongoing education to understand new evidence-based practices and implementation success of the capstone project.

Patients are external stakeholders, and when they receive excellent care based on current up to date evidence-based practice that decreases mortality and increases compliance. The community can offer support for change in care practices, making them aware of projects that can better their care and benefit them to help gain support for the projects’ success. Building a platform for introducing topics that can increase awareness of certain aspects of care that can be improved helps increase support and active engagement by all stakeholders. Providing many different skills, knowledge, and resources from stakeholders could assist with the capstone project implementation and secure their support.


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