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Week 5: 3-Minute Reflection: (2-3 paragraphs with APA format and 2 or 3 references)
Identify some examples of nursing integrity, now utilize reflective learning, and write a 3-minute reflection on a personal example of integrity in your life (work or personal)?
Also can use this article as reference:
Required criteria:
1. Writes about the assigned topic.
2. Demonstrates strong evidence of reasoned reflection.
3. Demonstrated depth of original thought.
Required Criteria:
1) Using the template loaded under each week, answers the weekly reflection questions.
2) Uses two specific examples from the video to support writing.
3) Uses Standard English grammar and sentence structure.
4) Contains no more than 3 spelling or typographical errors.
5) Writing demonstrates original thought without an over-reliance on the works of others.


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