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Assignment title or task:
– Discuss   some health communication strategies used by Saudi MOH during COVID-19
– Give   examples
– Briefly   evaluate these strategies (or one of the examples)
· Use this Word Document.
· Fill in student’s information on the first page of this document.
· Start your writing from the next page (page 3)

  • Word      limit: 500 words (about 1.5 pages)
  • Font should be 12 Times New Roman
  • Headings should be Bold
  • Color should be Black
  • Line spacing should be 1.5
  • Use      reliable references (APA format)
  • AVOID PLAGIARISM (you will get      ZERO when there is plagiarism)
  • You should use at least 2 references
  • Submit this WORD Document when you      complete the required task
  • Submission should be before      the deadline (submission after the deadline is not allowed)
  • attachment



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