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This week’s PowerPoint lecture is about motivation.  As you can see, there are many perspectives on what constitutes motivation and how to engage it.

Most likely you can imagine many examples of motivating.  If you watched any of the multiple big sports championships over these past weeks, you saw the coaches preparing their teams.  High stakes in the sports world and for host city, team, and fan (i.e. those who pay the salaries) pride.  Yet, in some ways this is easier than the task you face as a healthcare administrator.  Sports teams have a shared goal (no pun intended), a common language and lexicon, and finite circumstances.

In healthcare, the team is comprised of multiple constituencies, some of which are organizationally separate (e.g., typically the hospital and medical staffs are two independent entities).  As has been discussed this past week, patients come from many backgrounds, with diverse beliefs and myriad expectations.  Navigating that environment take a different set of skills.

Review the concept of Emotional Intelligence at this link:

Then, briefly review insights to Servant Leadership, available at: and

When you have reviewed these resources, please respond to this week’s Discussion topic.


Here is a TEDx presentation that presents a very interesting perspective on the future:

After you watch it (it’s about 17 minutes long), then discuss the following questions:

1. What do think of the video’s basic premise?

2. What do you imagine the future of healthcare to be like?

Here are some additional YouTubes to help spark your thinking:



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