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See attachement for details , and it is important to respect the due dates which is 17, of march at 12;00pm CETDocument Preview: 

This assignment has two parts and all the bullets point in each part must be address and the minimum words count for each slides must also be respected . A reference slides must be included in each part.
As a recent graduate of the bachelor degree program in health care administration, you applied to the Nathaniel McLeod Rehabilitation Center (NMRC), Preston County’s only integrated delivery system (IDS) in your community. The integrated delivery system consists of:
(i) Nathaniel McLeod Rehabilitation Center
(ii) Mabel Daley Nursing Home
(iii) Port La Fe Orthopedics Hospital
(iv) Three (3) Clinics
(v) Two (2) Labs
(vi) Outpatient Radiology Department
(vii) Port La Fe General Hospital
Part I
The application process for the supervisory role in the patients account department at NMRC requires you to present the topic of Health Care Organizations to assess your knowledge of organizations and structures in health care industry.
The instructions are:
1. A 8 slide PowerPoint presentation
2. 200 word count requirement for EACH slide
3. Choose four of the following in the State of Maryland in U.S
Rehabilitation Center
Nursing Home
Orthopedics Hospital
Outpatient Radiology Department
General Hospital
4. Discuss the following for each health care setting chosen:
a. Different types of healthcare professionals and the role of each
b. Types of services provided at each health care setting
c. Types of patient population served at each health care setting
d. Types of agencies that ensure compliance with licensure, accreditation, and regulations. Be sure to specify the name of the agency and the type of service provided. (For example: JCAHO – accreditation for hospitals)
Part II
1. A 8 slide PowerPoint presentation
2. 200 minimum word count requirement for EACH slide
3. Choose ONE of the following in the State of Maryland U.S , not previously chosen as one of the four in Part I…





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