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mphasis on EBP in healthcare delivery increased the expectation that nurses utilize research findings t

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RN-BSN programs are designed for the successful implementation of RN programs and therefore considered essential components of EBP. Emphasis on EBP in healthcare delivery increased the expectation that nurses utilize research findings to make informed clinical decisions, and guide the nursing actions and interactions with clients in a constantly changing and increasingly complex healthcare environment. Increasing demand for patient safety and quality healthcare requires that translation of best possible evidence into practice is needed to ensure improved patient outcomes. Nursing education is responsible for preparing and providing society with knowledgeable and competent nurses who are ready to engage in EBP for improved patient outcomes A five point semantic differential scale can be used for the collection of data about the perception of clinical healthcare workers towards the EBP change program. Similarly, statistical test can be performed to determine and investigate the relationship between the ability to undertake EBP activities and other related variables. The major problem that can be faced regarding the effective implementation of an action plan would be the nonavailability of clinical practices guidelines. Some of the steps can be used to minimize these challenges like starting of practitioner’s policies and strategies. Hence the effective application of EBP action plan can be done only through the devising of clinical policies and strategies (Majid,S., 2011). 


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