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A. After reading Chapter 17 please go to page 510 and answer the following:

Deanna Brown, President of Scripps Networks Interactive, says, “Being in tune with the consumer palette allows us to think smartly about what people are thinking about on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.” has grown to over 10 million users, and big events like the Super Bowl encourage many consumers to use recipes and products for home entertaining. Walmart is one of’s largest clients, and Stephanie Prager, Associate Digital Director for Walmart at MediaVest, says, “There’s a challenge we’ve seen with other cable networks in that they might have a great program on-air, but their site is not as robust.”

Your Challenge:

1. Imagine that you are a manager at and you’ve been asked to analyze your company’s website. What are the most positive features of’s website?

2. How could you improve’s website?

3. Besides Walmart, what other new clients would you pursue and why?

B. What do you think is the single most common reason that managers engage in underprocessing?

C. Describe an instance in which you either used scenario thinking to influence someone to make a decision in your favor or were influenced by scenario thinking to make a decision?


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