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The 1-3-1 Essay Model
Word File v

  1. Indent paragraph & double space
  2. Rules of Capitalization:
  • Common v Proper Nouns
  • Using Titles: function words v content words
  • School subjects
  1. Use periods after complete sentences, never a commas
  2. Fragments
  3. Joining main clauses: semicolon or FANBOYS
  4. Transition words: Introducing Topic Sentences
  5. Transition Word Clearly signaling the end of essay
  6. Conclusion: Includes only information previously discussed in essay
  7. Plagiarism: Cite source of Info

Content words are those which carry clear meaning, such as:
MAIN VERBS: go, speak, think
NOUNS: house, word, idea
ADJECTIVES: big, difficult, interesting
ADVERBS: slowly, clearly, quite
Function words are grammatical words that glue a sentence together, such as:
AUXILIARY VERBS: are, have, can
PREPOSITIONS: to, from, for
CONJUNCTIONS: and, but, if
PRONOUNS: her, I, their
ARTICLES: a/an, the


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