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Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

need at least a 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion
Vroom-Yetton Decision-Making Model Sources
                    Lucas posted 
For this discussion I researched several sites and videos after reading our text (Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care) from the back ground materials.  I found very few videos that did little more than read text almost mirroring our background materials.  The video (link below) is short and breaks down the Vroom-Yetton model.  I do believe that this is a credible source as the content appears to parallel several concepts from the text.  It asks what decisions were made and how it was made, backtracking through the steps in making it and then to the original problem and how to solve it.  It then shows the same standard chart displaying the range of decision-making modes.  Where it differs (and helps me to follow easier) is how it breaks down the whole tree (what I consider to be the most confusing part of our text).  I was drawn in because this video doesn’t just go through text expecting you to keep up (like other sources I found) but admits that while this model has been proven with research to work, it often confuses Vroom-Yetton “virgins”.  It then sets out to simplify the “tree” with visual examples.    
Don’t adjust your volume, this is strictly visual.  Sorry auditory learners.


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