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Languages homework help

Languages homework help. Week 7 Discussion 1COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345″Resumes” Please respond to the following:Assess why no two resumes (typically) look alike. Then, discuss the pros and cons for organizations to deal with the disparity.From the e-Activity, discuss three things you like about your resume and three things to improve upon.On-ground students: share your resume with another classmate to identify three strengths and three recommendations for improvement. Then, share what you each suggest.Online students: attach your resume to the discussion board. Then, pick a classmate to identify three strengths and three recommendations for improvement. Week 7 Discussion 2COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345″PowerPoint” Please respond to the following:Compare and contrast the best and worst visual presentations you have experienced as an audience member.  Then, create a list of three “must do” and three “don’t do” from your experiences.Discuss how much of a good presentation is the visual aspect and how much is the speaking or presenting aspect. Discuss which you feel is more important

Languages homework help


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