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1..There are various performance features of the CPU that determine the efficiency of a machine cycle. Mention four of them with a brief explanation (in your own words). Support your answer with example when possible.
2..What is the pipelining technique? How does this technique improve the performance of multicore processor so that multimedia applications could run on microcomputers at high speed?
3..According to Ed Leonard, the CTO at DreamWorks “Shrek 3 consumed 20 million CPU render hours with 3000+ server CPUs, with 24TB file size”. Suppose the personal computer CPU advanced so much so that we accomplished that goal by fabricating 3000-core Processor Motherboard. Would this new multicore machine perform as well as the parallel processing employed by DreamWorks? Give 2 justifications to support your answer?
4..Explain (in your own words) how does JAGGIES happens in text and what is the technique used to mitigate the JAGGIES effect? Mention an application that applies that technique.
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