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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

4-5 Pages + project zip file
Requirements have been established, and your attention can now turn to the implementation of the e-commerce Web site based on the prototype. Recall from the project requirements that your e-commerce site must have at least the following functionality represented in prototype form:

  • Product catalog
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment
  • Customer accounts

The functionality does not have to be complete, but there must be at least a page or sequence of pages that represent each of the categories of functionality. Your sample code should have this functionality already in place so you can focus on revisions to mold your organization’s e-commerce site.
The first step of this project will be to use Visual Studio to modify the sample site so the branding matches your organization.  Branding includes pictures, text, products, and any other information in the site that represents your organization.  It is important that you are able to load your sample site into Visual Studio and run it in a commonly used browser such as Edge or Chrome.  You will then look for areas of the site that must be changed to brand the site properly.  Pay attention to all the images and text in the site and modify necessary content to fit your organization.  Keep notes about the changes you make so you can produce a summary for the project deliverable.
Note: You should copy your sample project before making changes so you will have a backup.
The project deliverables are as follows:

  • Submit the entire Visual Studio project solution.
  • Create a section in the E-Commerce Implementation Plan document, and name it “Prototype Branding”
  • In the Prototype Branding section of the E-Commerce Implementation Plan document, include the following
    • Summary of the types of changes made and how they were made
    • Screenshots showing the changes made in the running site
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.
  • Name the document as follows: yourname_ITSD325_IP3.doc
  • Zip all of the Visual Studio project Web site project files as:
  • Submit the document and zipped project for grading.

Information Systems homework help


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