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In 21st Century health care,

In 21st Century health care, the work of a Health Educator is in high demand. We are not only responsible for identifying priority populations and creating opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention, but we are also charged with designing, implementing, and managing programs to address emerging health issues. There are three emerging priorities, in particular, that are of significant importance: worksite wellness, health disparities, and environmental health. Review each of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s initiatives below and answer the following questions in a comprehensive manner:

1. How are these initiatives individually and collectively addressing the emerging priorities from a health care and public health standpoint?

2. How were the initiatives designed to meet the needs of the priority population?

3. What strategies and methods worked best for each priority population?

4. What successes have they experienced in designing and developing each program?

5. What is the role of the Health Educator in implementing and managing such initiatives? What challenges do you foresee in implementing and managing these initiatives?

6. What overall impact do you think these initiatives will have on the health and safety of our communities?


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