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Identify the scenario you selected in the first line of your posting.

  • Identify the scenario you selected in the first line of your posting.
  • Summarize the key ethical as well as legal issues in this case.
  • Which elements of the ACHE code of ethics would help you, as an administrator involved in this case, determine the right course of action to take? Explain why you think so.
  • Address one of the following:
    • If you are posting on “Appearance May Not Be Reality,” what would you do if you were in organization’s ethics comitee?
    • If you are posting on “Corporate Coverup,” what would you do if the state licensing agency had just appointed you as receiver of the nursing home, taking over from the prior management with the goal of improving care and keeping the home open?
  • In general, what is the role of administrators in preventing and addressing this kind of problem? In what ways can and should an administrator operationalize ethical and legal standards in an organization?

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings on both scenarios, selecting one posting to respond to that involves thescenario you did not yet address.

Respond by Day 6 to at least one of your colleagues’ postings on the scenario different from yours in one or more of the following ways:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Expand on the colleague’s posting with additional insight and resources.
  • Offer polite disagreement or critique, supported with evidence.

In addition to, but not in place of the above, you may:

  • Offer and support an opinion.
  • Validate an idea with your own experience.
  • Make a suggestion or comment that guides or facilitates the Discussion.


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