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Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypotheses

  1. Go to the online library and find a recent (no older than 3 years) article reporting the results of a nursing or health research study in which REGRESSION analysis is used (try using health research and correlation as search terms).
  2. Post the reference using APA format at the top of your response and then provide a BRIEF 1 paragraph summary of the study.
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  3. Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypotheses (you will need to write the null in your own words as this is not provided in most research reports).
  4. Share the regression analysis statistic that is reported (linear regression, multiple regression, hierarchical, stepwise, etc.).
  5. Address the type of data required and whether assumptions of the test were met.
  6. Briefly discuss whether the finding in your study is statistically significant and what this means.
  7. Respond to your peers’ by discussing the possible implications of their posted study.
  8.  Requires APA and at least 3 citations for this post

Post 2

  1. Create an example of an imaginary quantitative nursing study you would design that would use regression analysis.
  2. Describe two methods for selecting variables into a regression equation for your imaginary study, and the rationale for using those methods.
  3. Participation: Respond to at least two classmates’ postings with thoughtful feedback/suggestions illustrating critical analysis and application of assigned Readings.
  4. Requires APA and at least 3 citations for this post

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