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Identify nursing practice issues or health problem that interests you to research.

The research proposal is” Identifying and comparing If exercise and a strict diabetic diet prevent the further development of gangrene in elderly community patients. “Document Preview: 

Assessment 1: Research Proposal Part A
Identify the issue or problem and justify your choice
Identify nursing practice issues or health problem that interests you to research.
Reviewing the literature
Search for relevant research papers and analyse them to explore what information or research is available around this identified issue or problem or how the issue or problem has been approached in the literature.
You can also observe how the issue is studied or researched during your clinical placement. You can then use this observation to direct your search for relevant papers.
Identifying gaps
The literature review provides a snapshot of the current research around the issue and may reveal gaps. These gaps are aspects of the identified issue or problem which have not been sufficiently researched or solved. It may also identify how practices can be altered or carried out differently to improve patient outcomes. Your chosen research will aim to fill one or more of these gaps.
Formulating the research question or
hypothesis as appropriate
A research question is formulated from the gaps identified in the literature review with the aim to explore possible solutions and changes in practice. The research question is a statement of the specific query the researcher wants to answer to address the research issue or problem.
A hypothesis is an anticipated outcome of the research.
Specifying the significance
Provide reason/reasons for why your proposed research is desirable in this area and the clinical relevance. Examine the ways in which it will benefit the target population and ultimately improve health outcome.
Title of Research Proposal
• Give your proposal a title that briefly summarises the topic for your research.
Introduction (contextualise your research) 300 words
• Identify the nursing practice issue or problem that you have noted from your clinical nursing experience.
• Identify concepts or variables relevant to…


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