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identify a circumstance in which you would like to analyze data for your nursing practice.

can you complete this project for me. I need an SPSS table set up to calculate the m,m,m with standard deviation on a project that has fictional data…….its a very small project varibles is allDocument Preview: 

1st part of assignment:
identify a circumstance in which you would like to analyze data for your nursing practice. Perhaps you wish to utilize research but want an expert opinion about the interpretation of the results. Or, you have an idea for conducting a research study but want to consult with a specialist before you begin.
Week 6 Main Post
I would like to determine if there is a pattern that could be predicated in terms of days and times of the week OB triage is busiest, when we admit the most patients, and the busiest days of the week for C/sections and vaginal deliveries. This information would be extremely helpful for staffing and safety reasons. Currently, we only staff for what is on the labor board by 4am, we do not staff for OB triage, emergencies that come through triage, admission, or labor emergencies. We are consistently understaffed for each of these due to budgetary constraints and the unpredictable nature of these events. However, if we could staff for predictable trends it could potentially change out clinical atmosphere and make for better experience and outcomes patients and families, nurses and physicians.
Set up a spreadsheet in SPSS, in order to yield some descriptive statistical values.
To begin, click on the following link to bring up the sample quantitative data table:
[Click here for the sample table.]
Review the table. Consider which of your own quantitative research questions could be usefully explored through the same descriptive statistics of median, mode, mean, and standard deviation.
Using the sample table as a model, determine four categories of data that are meaningful to your research question.
Set up your spreadsheet with your four categories as column headings, and create a table to generate the median, mode, mean, and standard deviations for each category.
Now enter some fictitious (yet plausible) data to populate the table. Check to see that the values generated seem…




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