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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help.

3 Discussion “Fishing in the Right Talent Pool”

Human Resource Strategies

Fishing in the Right Talent Pool

Question A 

  • Name some companies with whom you have done business. Then discuss how you view their employer brands. Would you want to work for them or not? How might these firms improve their employer brands?

Question B

  • Compare briefly the major types of employment interviews described in this chapter. Which type would you prefer to conduct? Why?


W3 Lecture 1 “Do You Have What It Takes To Get The Right People?”

Human Resource Strategies

Do You Have What It Takes To Get The Right People?

Chapter 5-Expanding the Talent Pool: Recruitment and Careers
Have you ever felt that you were discriminated against in the workplace? If you ever experienced the disappointment, anger, denial, among other others, it can leave an imprint on who you are and how you go about your journey not only in the workplace, but it resonates in other aspect of your life, and can be debilitating in many ways.
Now let’s say that you never experience discrimination, how empathetic would you be to others around you and beyond? How do we address these issues from an HR perspective? As HR professionals, we need to equip ourselves with knowledge of the laws and embrace proactivity and transparency. However, you must be familiar with the different laws.
Another thing to consider is the importance of record-keeping and posting requirements. We can have all the knowledge in our heads, trying our best to remember all steps and processes. But, without proper record-keeping, your efforts will be useless from a legal standpoint.
Are diversity and inclusion in the forefront of the needs addressing organizations today? Where do you think if land on the priority list where you work? What about where you shop?  Recently was a presenter for a regional conference the Kansas City Metro areas, and we discusses the subject of engagement. This sparked a great deal of interest and passion as many of the participants had their own ideas about who to keep students as well as employees engaged.  One of the participants posed this question, why are we talking about Diversity and Inclusion. Couldn’t this issue be a challenge for many of us today? I replied, “Absolutely, we must embrace it in order to engage it”.
The common denominators for both elements are: Seeing, Understanding, and Valuing.

  • Seeing or acknowledging the differences openly without prejudice, using observation and silence as tools of infinite wisdom.
  • Understanding by taking a look at data or sharing stories. It is always neat to include or invite people who are different and perhaps share a different network from your own,
  • Valuing that there will be a sense of discomfort and conflicts. Through conflict, this is an opportunity to look through a different glass and consider the glass to be half-full instead of half-empty.

Human Resource Management homework help


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