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Control systems are formal target-setting, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback systems that provide managers with information about whether the organization’s strategy and structure are working efficiently and effectively.  For this homework, you should choose an organization (CHICKFILA) and analyze the control system(s) that is used. Your objective is to identify all the different ways in which managers monitor and evaluate the performance of the organization and employees. After selecting and researching your restaurant, answer the following questions:

  • At what levels does control take place in this organization?
  • Which output performance standards (e.g.: financial measures, organizational goals) do managers use most often to evaluate performance at each level?
  • How important is behavior control in this organization? For example, how much of managers’ time is spent directly supervising employees? How formalized is the organization structure? Do employees receive an operational manual instructing them on how to perform their jobs?
  • What recommendation would you provide to managers to improve this specific company’s output and behavioral controls?

Journals should be 400 words (or more if needed). Write your answers in paragraph form. In other words, include an introduction (e.g.: describe the organization), at least four (4) supporting paragraphs (one paragraph for each question), and a conclusion. In your conclusion, reflect upon whether you think there is a fit between the organization’s control systems and its culture, and how this can be improved.


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