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Health nursing

You are a nurse working in a home health agency in your community. For the last several months you have been working on an exciting new project that you are interested in. Your agency has received funding to increase the home health services provided to the community and you have developed a new program area. You are about to proceed with the implementation process.

One month ago a new manager, Anne, started in your office. Anne’s experience is primarily in the operating room but she does have an extensive management background. She has little or no exposure to home health nursing but has expressed a commitment to evidence-based care and innovative approaches to providing that care. She is excited to see how your agency is committed to client focused care.

Anne has requested that you provide information about your project in the form of a written paper. She has taken a look at your home health nursing course text and readings, which you have as a reference in your office, but would like you to provide support and consider the limitations of the current literature for your project.

Anne has requested that you answer the following questions in your paper. She has recommended that your paper be written as a scholarly, academic paper so that it can be taken forward to the administrative team for consideration for funding. She is particularly interested in the following information about your 


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