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ask Assignment

  1. Select 1 article from the following list based on your interests:
  2. Read the article, paying close attention to the main idea, supporting details, and whether or not it is effective.
  3. Fill out the worksheet located here.
  4. ReferencesDelmatoff, J., & Lazarus, I. R. (2014). The most effective leadership style for the new landscape of healthcare. Journal of Healthcare Management, 59(4), 245–249. Retrieved from, C., Vest, R., & Goodwin, T. (2014). New wide area virtual environment (WAVE) medical education. Military medicine, 179(1), 38–41. doi:10.7205/MILMED-D-13-00310Narayanan, A., & Vallor, S. (2014). Why software engineering courses should include ethics coverage. Communications of the ACM, 57(3), 23–25. doi:10.1145/2566966Ritchey, D. (2014). Blind spot: Why the security talent gap could be the next big crisis. Security: Solutions for Enterprise Security Leaders, 51(5), 18–24. Retrieved from, T. (2013). California’s great prison experiment. The Nation, 296(26/27), 31–34. Retrieved from is the worksheet !Unit 2 Article Review Worksheet1.      Select an article from the list in the assignment based on your interests. 3.      Identify the thesis statement in this article. 4.      Identify the main point or points of the article that support the thesis statement. 5.      Identify the supporting details that are presented to support the main points in the article. 6.      After reading the article and identifying the thesis statement, main point(s), and supporting details, do you think this article is effective?7.      Explain your answer to Question 6 further by writing 3–4 sentences below.


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