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Health Care Institutional Organization

the same assigment but needs APA style citing and in text sourcing, I have modified it and changed a few things. Upon review by turnitin ( for plagerism) it seems some text appear to be copied verbatum. But primarily I need APA style in text sourcing in paragraphs.

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Health Care Institutional Organization and ManagementOrganizational Chart & Stakeholder Relationship DiagramJune 24, 2012Introduction:Health care in the United States is dynamic, constantly changing in its delivery mode, treatment methods, applications of technology, and payment mechanisms. Genesis health care is a health care provider which operates in skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities. It focuses on providing different services to its clients which takes into consideration different facilities that are provided to the customers and the clients, these services includes sub-acute/short stay, long term, rehabilitation and respite care, orthopedic, dialysis care, ventilator care, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, hospice care, and assisted/senior living services. The company also focuses on supplying contract rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation services to the health care providers in US. Hospital ownership can be described in broad terms as falling into three major categories: nonprofit, for-profit, or government. Being a private health care provider, we can say that the hospital is the for profit organization as it is private owned.Organizational Chart of the company:“There is no permanent organization chart for the world …. It is of supreme importance to be ready at all times to take advantage of new opportunities”ROBERT C. GOIZUETA, (Former) Chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola CompanyThe structure of the organization needs to be changed so that the company is able to respond to the changing health care environment, dwindling Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party re-imbursement. It is important for the organization structure to “Fit” to the strategy that has been adopted by the organization so as to survive in the market. Some of the factors that need to be taken before deciding the structure of the organization are the strategy, size, technology and environment of the organization. Other factors that need to be considered for deciding the…


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