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Funding Resources for SPP Public Health Initiative

Funding Resources for SPP Public Health Initiative

Types of Funding Resources

There are several types of funding resources throughout the nation, state, and in your community including government grants, foundation funds, corporate sponsorships, and service organization grants. Some organizations provide grants on a national or state level while others provide to particular projects within specific communities.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources paying particular attention to the Grant-Funding Process and Funding Sources Document listed in this Week’s Resources. Consider specific funding sources for your Scholar-Practitioner Project (SPP) public health initiative. Next, explore potential challenges connected with applying for this funding source and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

With these thoughts in mind:

4 pages of description of your SPP initiative and the name of a specific funding source to which you might apply for funding. Explain why you selected that funding source. Then, explain two possible challenges you might face when applying for this funding. Finally, provide one strategy for how you might overcome each challenge


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