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Practice Question 30

Under which of the following discounting methods will the present value of an investment be the highest, assuming the same annual interest rate?

[removed] Quarterly.


[removed] Monthly.


[removed] Continuous.


[removed] Yearly.
Practice Question 34

Which of the following is a similar concept to the compound growth rate of money?

[removed] The yield on a bond.


[removed] The discount rate on a capital budgeting project.


[removed] All of these.


[removed] The internal rate of return on an investment.
Practice Question 29

The future value of an annuity is typically used when analyzing

[removed] loan amortization schedules.


[removed] retirement plans.


[removed] the price of common stock.


[removed] alternative capital budgeting proposals.

What is the value of this 20 year lease? The first payment, due one year from today is $2,000 and each annual payment will increase by 4%. The discount rate used to evaluate similar leases is 9%. (Round to the nearest dollar.)

[removed] $ 24,361


[removed] $ 68,000


[removed] $ 39,856


[removed] $ 40,000
Multiple Choice Question 87

Time to attain goal: Elegant Designers have generated sales of $625,000 for the current year. If they can grow their sales at a rate of 12 percent every year, how long will they take to triple their sales? (Round off to the nearest year.)

[removed] 8 years


[removed] 9 years


[removed] 7 years


[removed] 10 years
Practice Question 6

You plan to buy a new car. The price is $30,000 and you will make a down payment of $4,000. Your annual interest rate is 10% and you intend to pay for the car over five years. What will be your monthly payment?

[removed] $552.42


[removed] $637.41


[removed] $566.67


[removed] $433.33




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