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20. The Falling Snow Company is considering production of a lighted world globe that the company would price at a markup of 0.30 above full cost. Management estimates that the variable cost of the globe will be $68 per unit and fixed costs per year will be $240,000.
Assume that the quantity demanded at the price calculated in part a is only 600 units. What is the full cost of the globe with a 0.30 markup?

Wizard Corporation has analyzed their customer and order handling data for the past year and has determined the following costs:
Order processing cost per order  $7
Additional costs if order must be expedited (rushed)  $9.00
Customer technical support calls (per call)  $12
Relationship management costs (per customer per year)  $1200
In addition to these costs, product costs amount to  75%  
In the prior year, Wizard had the following experience with one of its customers, Chester Company:
Sales  $16,000
Number of orders  160
Percent of orders marked rush  .70
Calls to technical support  80
Calculate the profitability of the Chester Company account.


PowerDrive, Inc. produces a hard disk drive that sells for $175 per unit. The cost of producing 25,000 drives in the prior year was:
Direct material $625,000
Direct labor 375,000
Variable overhead 125,000
Fixed overhead 1,500,000
Total cost $2,625,000


At the start of the current year, the company received an order for 3,800 drives from a computer company in China. Management of PowerDrive has mixed feelings about the order. On the one hand they welcome the order because they currently have excess capacity. Also, this is the company’s first international order. On the other hand, the company in China is willing to pay only $130 per unit.
What will be the effect on profit of accepting the order?

22. A company has $45 per unit in variable costs and $1,200,000 per year in fixed costs. Demand is estimated to be 106,000 units annually. What is the price if a markup of 40% on total cost is used to determine the price?



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