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Evidence Based Practice,”

Write a paper of 1,000–1,200 words that compares and contrasts the competing visions of health care administration among stakeholders, identifies the areas where they conflict, and discusses how those conflicts could be seen in the delivery system.Refer to the assigned readings listed below to incorporate specific examples and details into paper.Prepare this assignment according to the APA 
“Back to Basics: Implementing Evidence-Based Practice,” by Spruce, from AORN Journal (2015).
Measuring Costs to Community-Based Agencies for Implementation of an Evidence Based Practice,” by Lang, J., Connell, C., Lang, J.M., and Connell, C.M., from Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research(2017).
The Future of the Affordable Care Act and Insurance Coverage,” by Glied and Jackson, from American Journal of Public Health (2017).


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