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Essential epidemiology: principle and applications.

See attachment for details regarding this assignment, it is important to use APA FORMAT to complet this assignment , and all references must also be in APA format. In text citation is highly require and it is critical that all calculatiosn be clearly shown were require. It is also very important that the expert resond clearly to aall questions as require.Document Preview: 

This assignment is due on Tuesday Sept 4, at 6am CST. It is important to respond to all questions and clearly identify all they responses for all the questions showing all calculations were requested . In text citation is highly require , and a reference page is also require at the end of each section .SECTION AWrite 300 words that respond to the following questions , it is important to use APA format including in text citation to complete this assignment. A reference page is also require at the end of this section in APA format.A screening test for glaucoma produced the following results: Sensitivity = 84.5%Specificity = 96.3%Positive predictive value = 86.1%Negative predictive value = 95.8%Accuracy of the screening test = 93.7%Prevalence of glaucoma = 21.5% Consult the internet to get a sense of the prevalence and nature of glaucoma as a disease.Then discuss the following: Would you recommend that this test be used as a screener for glaucoma in the general population? Why or why not?(adapted from Oleckno, WA. (2002). Essential epidemiology: principle and applications. Waveland Press).SECTION BWrite 700 word document minimum, including all calculations were require all in APA format. A reference page must also be included at the end of this section , in text citation is highly require for this assignment.APA FORMAT IS HIGHLY REQUIRE . All calculations must be clearly shown , all responses must also be shown as the questions are numbered. Show all your work for the best possible evaluation of your responses.Chittenden County Health Department reported 17 new cases of Lyme disease in the first half of 1994 and 18 additional cases during the second half of the year. The population of the county was 204,500 at the beginning of the year and 215,000 at the end of the year. What was the incidence rate of Lyme disease in Chittenden…


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