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Environmental science homework help

Provide a couple of references for incident picked.

Discussion Objectives: (CO3) Evaluate the impacts of theory (abstract) on operations (reality). (CO-4) Synthesize the lessons to be learned from a large body of research and writing.

Discussion Overview: In this discussion, you will utilize the ancient educational pedagogy of storytelling to better enable yourself and your classmates to understand the content, context, and applicability of the course concepts. Storytelling has been empirically shown to be vastly superior to reading and viewing media with respect to memory retention and enabling learning at the cognitive level. Plus, it’s fun. So, here we go:

Give an example of a crisis you’ve been involved in, observed, or read about. How well did leadership manage and communicate during the situation? Did the organization achieve closure, and if so, how quickly and effectively? In your assessment, knowing what you know now, did they consider everything that should have been considered?

Discussion Instructions: Tell the story of your incident. Every story has these elements: a hero/protagonist–your subject individual or population; an apparently insurmountable conflict–the event that drew the attention of the media; a painful and sacrificial decision that must be made-typically, surrender, flee, or fight; and based on the choice, a process that is undertaken to achieve resolution. Ensure that your story is in-depth enough so that your peers will be able to provide a scholarly response in Week 6.

Discussion Rubric: To receive full credit for a discussion, you must create an original posting, respond to a minimum of two peers, and respond to everyone who has responded to you. These tasks MUST be accomplished during the assigned weeks. There is no point in attempting to have a discussion after everyone has moved on.


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