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Please write your answers in complete sentences.  Please check grammar and spelling before submission,
“The Yellow Wallpaper”
1.  Why is it that we do not learn the narrator’s name in the “The Yellow Wallpaper”?
2.  Why is the narrator and her husband in the country?
3.  What do you think the “yellow wallpaper” represents? Why?
“Everyday Use”
4.  In “Everyday Use,” how would you describe the narrator’s descriptions of herself? Are her actions consistent with the kind of person she says she is? Explain.
5.  Why does the narrator give the quilts to Maggie?
6.  What does Dee’s boyfriend, Asalamalakim, represent?
“White Trash Primer”
1.  What significance does the title have? What does Johnson mean by “white trash”? What is a “primer”?
2.  What point of view is this essay written in? What effect does it have on you as you read?
3.  Reflect on how you relate to the use of the word you in “White Trash Primer.” How does it make you feel? Do you feel included by it or excluded by it? Why? Argue for or against Johnson’s use of the second-person (“you”) point of view. Cite specific moments when you feel that it is effective or ineffective, and explain why. If you are arguing against it, try to include an argument for an alternative that attempts to explain why it would have been better.


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