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I think that it is –by far– the most important topic that anyone should learn about. Climate / Nature issues impact EVERY other issue on the planet, including issues that at first glance might not seem to be related–for example, Covid 19. (Climate Change and encroachment on Nature is a LEADING reason why pandemics are more likely these days.)
This HW assignment is a little different. You are being asked to go out to nature / Spend at least 2 hours….notice what you notice…after you spend the time out there, you will answer these 2 questions…
write about what you notice… use your 5 senses…smell, hear, see, touch, taste…notice the DETAILS that are around you.
What does it feel like to be out there….(do rule of 3 with this question)
the goal is 2 pages of writing…
how to do this: dont bring your phone…. you can go to a back yard, you can sit under a small bush, or climb a tall tree… you can stare at ants for 2 hours, you can hop in a car and go to Yosemite, you can go to the bay, you can find a lost river in Hayward, —find the nature where you find it… dont bring your phone…. spend some quality time with yourself in nature…turn off your phone
Find an article that offers insight into the state of Nature in the Bay Area. You can focus on a system, like the Bay, or a river. You can investigate some development, like maybe an organization that is addressing issues in Nature. Briefly summarize the article and give a link to it. You will be sharing your research with classmates.
3. Please go to this website–Chris Jordan– (Links to an external site.)and spend about one hour looking at his work.
Then pls answer these questions…
Which work of art is your favorite and why? (one para minimum)
What is one thing that you learned from his art that surprised you? (one para minimum)
What is Jordan trying to say with his art? (one para minimum)
4. Watch Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. (Links to an external site.)
Here are a couple of questions for you to write a 2-3 paras about: What are some ideas or issues in the video that you did not know? What does this film have to do with Climate Change? (She does not really talk about Climate Change explicitly, but the ideas still have strong connections to Climate / Nature issues.)


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