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Read and prepare an executive summary for one of the following articles from Tierra Grande, the Texas Real Estate Center’s Journal:
● “New Tools in the Toolbox,” October 2017;
● “Give Me a (Single-Family Rental) Home,” January 2019; or
● “Nest or Nest Egg,” October 2018
and submit your work through Assignments. Be sure to follow instructions for written work provided in the course’s syllabus. Your summary should not exceed 1 type-written page. Points may be deducted for summaries failing to meet this requirement. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to ascertain the salient points from each article and articulate them in a precise, well-written manner while observing proper rules for grammatical correctness.
You  are  a  business  professional  and  the  materials  you  submit  in  this class  are  expected  to  be  professional  quality  –  anything  less  will  not  be accepted  for  a  grade!!!    All  assignments  submitted  for  a  grade  must  be double-spaced, single-sided and left justified, use Times New Roman 12 point font  and  have  1-inch  margins.    All  submissions  must  contain  the  student’s name,  identify  the  assignment  by  title  or  topic,  and  include  the  course number, section, semester and year.


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