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1. Look up fine arts museums online and choose one that interests you.

2. Post which museum you intend to write about on the Museum Report discussion board. Explain why you think this is a good choice for you.

3. Spend time on the museum website, the museum’s page on Google Arts & Culture (if it has one), and don’t forget to check Youtube for content about your chosen museum.

4. Write a 1-2 page report about your experience of the museum through online content. Do you think you learned more about the museum online than you would have going in-person? What was your impression of the exhibition space in the museum? Write about at least one work that you found in your chosen museum that you really liked. Why did you like that work more than others? (Consider course concepts such as form and content, and the elements and principals of art.) Using the same considerations, write about at least one work in the museum that you really did not like. Explain why! Do you think that you would visit your chosen museum in real life, given the chance? Important: You should give some background information about the work you discuss in your report, and be sure to include names of artists, artwork, and dates, but do not copy any writing from museum websites! I want to hear your thoughts about the work you saw.

(I have been saying I Like Surrealism. but my favorite piece of art is The Rose by Thomas Anshutz)


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