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Elements of clinical psychology class. 100 to 125 word

Elements of clinical psychology class. 100 to 125 word

Question 7 Chapter 14-READ THIS THAN ANSWER THE QUESTION PLEASE. An important aspect in clinical psychology is advances in technology because psychologists have easier access to the most up to date research and advancements to their field. Also, technology is important because it have the best services available for the patients and have a lot more information to help the patients than if there was no technological advancements. One issue with the advancements would be if a psychologist was sending over confidential information to another doctor and it went to the wrong place it could pose a confidentiality problem. So, there are many go things that come out of the advancements in technology, however one must be much more careful not to break confidentiality of the patient as well. What other issues are with technology? (QUESTION)

Use Plante as one of your references and I need one more reference. 100 to 125 words please and I do not need this until Thursday Morning I will not have any money till then. Plante, T. G., (2010). What is Contemporary clinical psychology? Contemporary clinical psychology, third edition. ISBN 9780470587393. John Wiley & Sons Inc.


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