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As a criminal justice professional you have been wanting to teach as a part-time adjunct at a community college.  You have your Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and you are well on your way to your PhD in Criminal Justice.  You applied to a local community college, the program director of the criminal justice program has called you for an interview, and it finally your chance to earn the adjunct teaching position you want so badly.  You know this adjunct teaching position will be a significant milestone in reaching your dream of obtaining a full time faculty position at a major research institution. The program director asks you to bring a PowerPoint (with speaker notes) to the interview and be prepared to present a short lesson.  As luck would have it the topic the program director assigns you happens to be a topic you just researched!
Prepare a 12 to 15 slide PowerPoint Presentation (with an additional slide as a title slide and additional slides as a reference section) based upon the notion of Culture and Leadership introduced in Chapter 16 of the Northouse text.  Of course your research must go beyond the mere textbook and have a minimum of 5 scholarly sources.  The Holy Bible should be used at least once in the PowerPoint presentation.  Each slide must have 100 to 150 words of bulleted or paragraph speakers notes.  The sources should be reflected in the speaker notes, slides, and “reference section slide”.  The title slide and the reference section slide(s) will not count toward the 12 to 15 slide minimum.  Additionally, you, the student, should use animations, transitions, and graphics to reflect PhD level research. The presentation should meet the current APA guidelines.


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