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M6: Forum 2: Applying Decision Making – My Research Topic 6767 unread replies. 6767 replies. Forum 2: Applying Decision Making – My Research Topic  Objective of the activity  This forum activity is designed to apply what has been learned about decision making.
Instructions  In this forum they will apply decision-making by selecting the topic that they will develop in the final work of the course, the writing of an essay. To write your essay, you must search for information resources, research on the subject. For this they will make an annotated bibliography of the information resources for the selected topic. For this activity you only need to apply the decision-making process to select the topic.  Your participation should reflect steps 1 through 4 of the decision-making process. A bonus, the first:  Define the problem: select the topic to be developed in future research from the available options.  Only 2, 3 and 4 are missing.  The options to select are those included in the Unit Lifestyles theme.
Your contribution must include a minimum of 250 words.

theme :
Healthy life style


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