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Education homework help

Education homework help.

Format-Rubric and Instructions. VCA: Watch this video to learn more about the principles and practices associated with self-regulated strategy development. What are some of the self-regulating strategies that are used?
Chapter 10, page 152
Note: I just need you to put the requirements that apply to the video, a small description of the book appears on page 152, and on YouTube also in the description of the video appears information that can be used for the elaboration of the description paragraph. Submit the VCA assigned in a W document following the format below, based on the APA 6th Edition Manual. The only source of reference for these assignments is the course’s textbook.
The length of this assignment should be 5 paragraphs as follows:
1-Paragraph 1: Introduction. Provide basic information about the video, concept, website information, chapter, and pages.
2-Paragraphs 2, 3,4. View video. Describe and analyze in your words the concept information, answering the questions presented. Provide any theory, theorists and organizations mentioned.
3.Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, APS 6th Ed. rules.
5: Reference page: Textbook information, Textbook: Teaching Students with Language and Communication Disabilities, S.J. Kuder, 5th Edition.2018.Pearson. *** Strictly from the textbook (including citation), This teacher is very demanding, follow the instructions based solely on the content provided in the chapters use exact words and content of the pages and use the specific pages in the instructions, quotes according to the book, **** the link for the video can also be found in the chapter, and the information found in the chapter, present it exactly as it appears, if you have any questions, contact me, thank you.
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Education homework help


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