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Two Bonus assignments. One page for each. Due in 24 hours. No Plagiarism.
Bonus 1
Include the article link with your argument.
Pick a side and argue for or against raising the minimum wage. Use your knowledge of price floors and find and attach  article to back up your point of view.
If the minimum wage from 1961 had been adjusted for inflation, it would be $22 per hour today.
The Massachusetts minimum wage will rise to $15 an hour over five years, and a new paid family and medical leave program will be introduced, under a bill Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law.
Massachusetts is now  the third state — after California and New York — with a pay floor on the way to $15 an hour.
The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, which advocates for higher minimum wages, has  estimated that a quarter of the Massachusetts workforce — about 840,000 workers — would see raises as a result of a $15 minimum wage by 2023.
Opponents of higher minimum wages say they just increase labor costs, which force employers to then raise prices and/or cut other wages, benefits or jobs. Some proponents of higher pay floors also worry about the untested $15 minimum in locations outside high-cost labor markets.
The new law will also raise the minimum wage for tipped workers, over five years, to $6.75.
In addition, the measure — over the same five years — phases out time-and-a-half pay for Sunday and holiday hourly workers. Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the only states that mandate time-and-a-half for Sunday workers.
Bonus 2
See if you can find an article about a case of :

  •  Anti trust
  • Patent violation
  • Price fixing.

Write a summary.


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