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description of the most interesting thing not previously known that you learned about the specialty areas

 A description of the most interesting thing not previously known that you learned about the specialty areas

Previous to this week I had never heard of a gerontology aide. By doing this week’s assignment I have been introduced to something I can do will just a bachelors that pays a decent median wage while I continue to progress my educational experience and obtaining my internships hours. But ultimately my goal is to become a BCBA or ABA which would lean more towards the information I learned about applied developmental psychologists.

6) A description of an everyday and real-world human experience related to two pod-casts you select to listen to on the specialty web pages provided

I live with my grandfather he is 87 has bone cancer and also dementia. While I’m at work there is a care provider that takes care of him. When I come home from work every day he has to be reminded that I have only been gone for about nine hours because he always thinks I have been gone a lot longer. Additionally he has begun to call his sons by the opposites name although he still knows the difference when he sees there face this can serve to be a big challenge because I’m not really sure which son he is referring to. My grandfather has often times become violent and about three weeks ago he grabbed the steering wheel on the way to the doctors because he thought I was trying to take him to Mexico. Although he is can become very agitated he also doesn’t remember what he has done soon after which makes things difficult to deal with sometimes. This is important because the podcast I choose that I listened to “Dementia: When “Living in the Moment” is Not A Good Thing” I could directly relate too. Also another podcast I found interesting was “How Do You Really Raise Self-Esteem? The Incredible vs. American Idol” This is important to me because I struggle from PTSD and anxiety and a lot of my stress as been suggested to be associated to my self-esteem being crushed by my ex-wife.


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