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Describe your organization’s role and activities during the train accident or ice storm response.

Assignment Guidelines

Complete the following:

  • Write a memorandum of 900–1,000 words addressed to the mayor of Coldtown City and include (at a minimum) the following elements:
    • Introduce yourself, your role and functions, and the general nature of your organization.
    • Describe your organization’s role and activities during the train accident or ice storm response.
    • Recognize any successes that you observed or learned of during the response (or in regard to effective preparation).
    • Make at least 3 recommendations for future response operations that can benefit your organization and, in turn, contribute to the community’s effectiveness in responding to incidents.
      • Explain how each recommendation benefits your group and the community.
      • Be specific as to what the city leadership and other agencies can provide to help establish operational improvements.
    • Advocate improvements in criminal justice, emergency management, or homeland security processes, procedures, policies, legislation, or any other measures that will aid responders in the future.
      • The directives that you reference can be simulated or actual.
    • In making your recommendations, draw on what you have learned in past emergency management, homeland security, or criminal justice courses regarding the training, planning, logistics, exercises, coordination, and collaboration that are associated with crisis response.
    • Do not just identify problems; propose solutions. Be creative in your suggestions regarding exercising, collaborating, funding, and other activities that will likely require resources.
  • Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.



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